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I only write when I get inspired, otherwise its just more mumbo-jumbo trying to keep oneself on the internet and in front of customers...blah, blah, blah

When it happens I type..,   So how many have had this sinus headache and some annoying coughs, well it is not the flu or a cold its the change of seasons...

Yes, Spring is here...and so are the sinuses and allergies.

Homeopathy to the Rescue...

So, with lots of wet weather and warmer weather one day and cold the next and things springing up, sinus headaches start to happen.  It seems this year more so then other years I have been recommending to many individuals to take a simple little remedy called Kali bichromium in a 30c potency.  Take remedy 2 or 3 times a day till symptoms seem to be getting better.  Then stop and wait.  Repeat 1 or 2 more times only if symptom seem to return, otherwise stop taking it.  A little goes a long way.

It is probably not an upper respiratory infection but a sinus problem and that is normal.  Many suffer terribly from pollen allergies and sinus pain caused by weather changes.  Right now it is not yet allergy season so it is not pollen allergies yet!

Common symptoms for sinus:

  • sensitivity to changing weather patterns

  • stuffy nose and intense pain over the eyes

  • sore throat

  • intense headache

  • a chronic post-nasal drip that has become part of your daily life


Kali bichromium, also known as Kali bi or Kali bich, is for any condition featuring thick, discolored mucus, especially from the nose, but also from the throat,Kali Bic larynx, vagina, urethra or stomach. It is often used for acute or chronic sinusitis. The mucus discharge may be stringy, yellowish or greenish and too thick to cough up easily.

Kali coughs are dry, forceful coughs that often go on for some time without relief. These coughs often worsen when breathing damp cold air, worsen in the early hours of the morning and improve in warm air.

The person often feels pressure and fullness in the sinuses and experiences extreme pain at the root of the nose that improves when pressure is applied to the painful spot. They may also experience feelings of fullness and pressure in the middle ear or migraine headaches that start at night.

Other symptoms that may support the choice of Kali bi include left-sided sciatic pain and rheumatism pains that appear and disappear suddenly or move along the length of the leg and pains in heels and in the soles of the feet.

In general, the symptoms are worse in the morning (especially between 2 and 5 am and when first waking), when the person experiences a sudden chill while undressing, and after consuming alcohol, especially beer, and are made better with heat or warmth, movement and pressure. A person needing Kali bichromium may tend to get cold easily.


Essential Oils

If you suffer from mild or occasional sinus problems, you may find the following essential oils to also be helpful:

  • PEPPERMINT. Breaks up congestion. GermicidalEucalyptus essential oil
  • EUCALYPTUS. Breaks up congestion. Germicidal - highly suggest it.
  • ROSEMARY. Breaks up congestion. Germicidal - rosemary essential oilhighly suggest it.

  • LAVENDER. Eases pain. Moderately antifungal.
  • TEA TREE. Strongly antifungal
  • OREGANO. “The canon”. Breaks up congestion. Antifungal. Germicidal.

I also recommend taking oil of oregano internally.  Helps with breaking up internal congestion.

oil of oregano

Essential oils are wonderful for sinus if it is done through inhalation.  You can add a few drops of the essential oils in a carrier oil and rub onto your chest to allow the vapor to be inhaled.  Or just rub a few drops in the palm of your hands and rub together and inhale.  Sometimes just a few drops on your pillow before retiring is so very helpful.

Always make sure the essential oils you use are organic.

  Visit your local health food stores for homeopathic remedies, essential oils or oil of oregano.  If they do not have it please ask to order for you otherwise visit online sources for them.



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