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Stop Using Water Based Moisturizers, Which Dry Your Skin!

Did you know that most lotions and moisturizers all contain water?  Basically 60% of that lotion is all water.  The rest is chemical.

This winter on the East coast has proven to be very very brutally cold and so many of us have continually kept our heaters on full high heat trying to stay warm.

In doing so, our skin has suffered a tremendous set back.  We are probably all itchy from the continued dryness we have experienced and we end up putting lotions and potions and so much on our skin.

If your product contains water, and most do, (read the label) you have further dried out your skin and caused even more itchiness to occur.

The best place that water belongs is inside the body in order to get hydrated – just think- hydration inside hydration outside.  Omega-3s also help with dryness.

Water is drying and when there is water in a lotion or cream there must be a preservative, which even further dries out your skin.  In water-based lotions, a preservative must be added in order for it not to develop mold or microbes that can harm you.  These lotions will also lose its effectiveness and end up smelling bad even with a preservative.  Have you ever kept a lotion bottle for more then a year?  If so, smell the content of it – its horrific.

 The only products that are not drying are anhydrous products.

 Anhydrous products - are non-water based butters or creams and contain no preservatives that can harm your skin.

 Just Skin Food Whipped Fluffy Body Butter Creams are all anhydrous – non-water based and there are no preservative in any of our products.

We add anti-oxidants, or ingredients that will retard the rancidity of our oils. The anti-oxidant we use most is Vitamin E, but there are other oil soluble anti-oxidants, like rosemary oleo extract (ROE). Adding an anti-oxidant to an anhydrous product will extend its shelf life.

Our products shelf life is about 2 years.  Yet once opened life is about 4 – 6 months.  Never keep any lotion or creams more then 6 months regardless of a preservative or not.  It’s just bad.


Best time to apply non-water based butters and creams is right after showering.  Your skin is still damp and the pores are opened and it will help penetrate the butters into the skin, giving you a smoother radiant look.  And you will feel silky soft, and no dry skin.



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