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Try Baby Soft Soothing Balm

Has the summer sun made your skin and hair dry?  Did you know that the answer to your dryness could be right in your kitchen?

Before going to the beach why not add some coconut oil to your hair, so while you are tanning, you are also conditioning your hair. You will also smell real good.

 Put This Food on Your Hair for a New Level of Luster ~ According to one study, which compared mineral oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil as possible products for nurturing and conditioning hair, coconut oil was the only oil that reduced protein loss for both damaged and undamaged hair.

Coconut Oil as a Skin Moisturizer ~ One of the core principles to remember when it comes to skin care is that whatever you slather onto your skin will absorb into your body and enter your bloodstream. This is why it’s so important to avoid personal care products containing questionable chemicals! Your skin is an excellent drug delivery system, so you should be just as careful with what you put on your skin as you are with what you eat, if not more so, as your gut actually helps protect you against some of the toxins you ingest by filtering them out…


Baby Soft Soothing balm has all the benefits of coconut oil and even more.

Our balm has two of the kindest herbs, Chamomile and Calendula.  These two herbs were born to be friends. They are cheerful and vibrant.  Chamomile and Calendula are always on hand to heal, soothe and balance a myriad of ailments.  They are our skin's best friend and are particularly beneficial for soothing sore, dry and irritated skins due to their calming, anti-inflammatory properties.

They help with sunburns and any kind of skin dryness. Despite being powerful healers they are gentle enough for young children.  So with a combination of coconut oil and these two incredible herbs, baby soft soothing balm gives you all the benefits wrapped up in one.


BABY SOFT SOOTHING BALM (VEGAN): Ingredients* Calendula and Chamomile infused Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Raw Unrefined Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin E Description:               A great soothing balm for gardeners, mechanics and anyone who does manual labor.  So gentle it can be used on babies’ tender skin for protection from diaper rashes. An excellent balm for sunburns, chapped hands, lips and any kind of dry skin.   Baby Soft Soothing Balm is an excellent skin soother after waxing or shaving, or for use as an after sun skin softener.  Your skin will feel incredibly alive and hydrated. *Our ingredients are organically sourced, organically home grown, or wildcrafted, unless otherwise indicated. Suggested Use:  Apply as needed.  For sunburns, apply after showering on damp skin. Can be applied to face. cruelty_freeOur products are cruelty free certified and many are vegan.   Where to buy: http://justskinfood.com/where_to_buy Don't forget to follow us on:      


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