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So much to catch up on and not sure how to title this post, I guess I’ll call it – Just so much to say

Lets begin with the NOW stuff:


The last few weeks been preparing 2 new lotion bars that I believe will be a great addition to the healing salves but in a push-pop lotion bar for easy carry.  These 2 lotion bars should be out by end of October.  Waiting for labels, rack cards, more push-pop tubes and so on.

One is called “Strega Nonna’s Vapo Rub”. 

If anyone remembers the story of Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola I invite you to go and reread this sweet children storybook.

Here is a brief passage: 

”As soon as little Nona could walk, Grandma Concetta tookStrega Nona her along when she gathered herbs and weeds for her lotion and potions.  Grandma was a Strega, and all the villagers came to her for cures and advice on many things”.

The second lotion bar doesn’t have a definite name as of yet, but probably “Winter Brew”. Still deciding so these labels will not be arriving at the same time and might push back this lotion bar till November.



Still working on a different kind of deodorant that is not only what it is suppose to do but trying to include a sort of probiotic to it.  Hopefully with some more testing of ingredients it will all come together and be out soon.

Organic Certification is still ongoing for USDA.  Need to keep a detailed trail of at least 6 months to a year of raw material to finished products with lot numbers and yields and storage and so on and so on.  And deciding on 4 different types of labeling of organic and if I want to make it 100% organic then I would need to use only USDA allowed beeswax that is certified and not locally grown. 

No beeswax or honey made in the USA is actually certified USDA organic since it is impossible to control a 5 mile radius of where the bee decides to pollinate.  Yet the USDA allows certified organic beeswax to enter the country from China allowing the product to be 100% organic.  No thanks! Read about it here...


I also have an additional studio-lab workshop storage in order to keep things streamlined for the USDA certificate and easier toStudio separate from home.  It is located in West Cape May.



Studio is NOT opened to the public but you can stop by and check it out AND you might see me working on my products.




Had a great time and learned more from this trip to Italy then I ever have.  Visiting familiar places and new ones I delved myself into learning what I have always known the ways of healing from the earth that Italy offers. 

I did take some products home from various places and in hopes to see if I can use them or replicate but it is not possible.

Here are some pictures...

IMG_3846 IMG_3715 IMG_3845 IMG_3403 IMG_3405 IMG_3677 IMG_3398IMG_3675 IMG_3408





The ingredients are all sourced in Italy making them totally different and authentic.

I even asked if I can have the recipe or formulation but it is  not allowed since the local monks have been making these remedies for 100 years and more and no one has them.


If you are not connected to my Facebook page… I just wanted to brag a little about my incredible invitation to have my products participate in The 34th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards.  I never knew that there were so many different Emmy Awards but never the less they all get these "SWAG" bags full of goodies from selected brands.  And this year somehow I was selected. Unfortunately, I declined.  Yes producing 800 (guest list) of any sort of product or piece or gift card etc would take longer then 10 days to get it to them.  So hopefully, for other events they will let me know with ample time frame to produce what ever is needed.

Here is the link on my Facebook with all the details - FB



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