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As promised in our last journal entry, today we are going to get down to the real business about our truly awesome line of certified organic facial therapy oils. When  you are finished reading, I hope to have (a) converted some of you who are non-believers and, at the very least, (b) have educated the rest on facial oil fact vs. fiction. 

Let's start out with a bit of fiction:

  1. Certified organic facial therapy oils will make my skin feel greasy
  2. Certified organic facial therapy oils will clog my pores
  3. Certified organic facial therapy oils do not easily absorb into the skin
  4. Certified organic facial therapy oils are only good for facial skin
  5. All facial oils are created equal

...completely and totally false... every last word of it. 

I could go on and on listing myths and old wives tales regarding the use of certified organic facial oils, but its probably best to keep it short and sweet (especially for our valued consumers who abhor minute details). 

Which brings me to the important stuff...the simple truth...just the facts, ma'am. 

  1. Just Skin Food's certified organic facial therapy oils are all non-comedogenic (they won't clog your pores). 
  2. They are all excellent sources of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which are necessary for your skin's hydration, ability to repair and heal itself, and to fight the damage done by free radicals. 
  3. The triterpenoids and phytosterols in our certified organic facial therapy oils can have anti-inflammatory effects on your skin.
  4. Our oils carry active ingredients (such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) deeper into your skin, which reduces the surface irritation that these actives can sometimes cause.
  5. Just Skin Food's certified organic facial therapy oils protect and defend the skin’s acid mantle, rebuild and sustain the skin’s lipid barrier, and speed up the healing process.

Fingers crossed that this is enough fact vs. fiction to hold your attention for another minute or two...

The reality is, certified organic facial therapy oils are an amazing addition to (or replacement for) your current daily skin care routine. They have exceptional skin healing qualities...they absorb well and quickly into the skin...they help fight damage from free radicals and skin aging....and, the use of certified organic skin therapy oils can even help regulate your own skin's oil production. This is all authentic truth and not only my opinion as both a former naysayer and current happy consumer. 

Another important fact worth expanding on is that all facial oils are not created equal. It is always in your skin's best interest to buy oils that are certified organic and unrefined, free of additives, fillers, GMO's, chemical solvents and preservatives. Your skin deserves the very best, and at Just Skin Food, we strive to give that to you! 

Segue....In one weeks time, I traveled from New Jersey (40* F with cold, dry winds) to Southeastern Florida (80*F with comfortable winds) and on to Cuba (92* F, hazy, hot and humid).  Before our line of facial oils, I would have had to carry several different moisturizing/toning/protection products and deal with everything from combination skin issues to flaking and peeling as a result of the constant climate changes. Guess what?  One bottle of certified organic Tamanu Oil (my current favorite) was all I needed. My skin stayed consistently soft, nourished, and protected through every climate change...a true testament to Tamanu's benefits and effectiveness for me.

Are you sold yet, or at least feeling enlightened? If not, here are a few final points to help you make an educated choice about your skin care regiment.

Whether you're just in the market for some deeper hydration or you're in dire need of assistance in warding off those pesky fine lines, Just Skin Food has a certified organic facial therapy oil that is going to work for you. All four of our certified organic facial therapy oils have their own individual strengths and are beneficial to most every skin type...so try them all, or start out with the one whose description most closely fits your needs. And then please tell us about it...really ...we love your feedback! It's a big part of how we keep our customers happy...and why they keep coming back. 


Lisa :D


  • Posted On April 12, 2017 by Stella

    Thanks for putting out a great line of products. I recently started using your tamanu oil and am so pleased with the results. I see a huge improvement in my skins texture and it’s only been a few weeks.

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