• New USDA Certified Products

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    Speaking of new products, we just finished our USDA annual organic inspection - yes we have done it early this year instead of December - because we are adding new certified items.

    We are getting many of our Salves USDA Certified Organic with the Seal.  And in imagesorder to get many of them certified, we are also certifying additional Herbal Infused Oils. Many of our herbal infused oils go into our Salves so we need to certify both the raw material AKA (Herbal Infused Oil) and the actual finished product AKA (Herbal Salves).

    We are adding 7 more USDA Certified Organic Herbal Infused Oils.  These oils are all made in-house and never bought, and it is our bread and butter to our business.  We have many more to certify and will do that in time.

    These herbal oils are wonderful on their own or in our other products.   They have many healing properties individually and in combination with our many herbal infused oils they create incredible Herbal Salves. When our labels are done for the Herbal Infused Oils we will send out information on the new products. There is even one for your pets - yes pets.

    In the meantime, the first 2 salves that will have the USDA organic seal are Baby Soft Soothing Balm and Ouchy Grouchy Salve.  The next one will be Psoriasis and Eczema, but that will NOT happen till after the holidays.  The salves will still be vegan, but instead of using candelilla wax (not found organic and not part of the USDA NOP list) we are using carnauba wax (found organic in nature) and still vegan.

    They are both great waxes as is beeswax - but beeswax is not vegan so we will not be using it for these products.  The wax in our products is not part of our "main" formula - it is still part of the overall ingredients, but using another wax will not change the "main" formula or its' effectiveness  - it is only used to solidify the product.

    Many of our salves have herbs that are not found organic in nature such as Myrrh or Usnea and they are also NOT part of the USDA NOP list, which lists items that are allowable in Organic Products for certifications.  Some of our other salves use homeopathic remedies and homeopathic remedies are never certified organic.

    Therefore, for those products that have these specific ingredients we will not be getting them certified and we are not changing our formulas to satisfy a certain criteria for certification.  Our formulas are made for the purpose of healing not just for certifications.  All the ingredients are organic and wildcrafted (WC) and are allowed to be used in our facility.

    USDA inspectors also inspect products that do not carry the USDA seal in order to ensure no chemical or synthetic items are being used in-house for the protection of the certified product never getting contaminated.

    In preparing for our "New" labels for Baby Soft Soothing Balm and for Ouchy Grouchy Salve, we are offering them at 50% off the retail price while supplies last in order to make room for the new ones.baby-soft-soothing-balm-vegan-5-gifouchy-grouch-salve-vegan-6-gif

    We hope that our new USDA Certified Salves will be available within the next few weeks.

    Always in Health -

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  • New Beginnings, Moving Ahead...

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    WOW, so much has happened since June.  
    We were closed for a month in July- our usual downtime for 13876235_1021363874650858_5973066062687640173_n
    inventory, researching and vacation.  We ventured out of the country to find new ideas as well as basically R&R, which we did a lot of. Everyone needs time off to become more productive. More on that venture in another post with a few interesting ideas that we will try and produce.
    In the meantime, we added - well we purchased - an interesting product line that is all vegan.  It is not for healing the skin but for beauty.  It will complement our holistic way of living and give us a peace of mind on what we apply on the skin.
    Blackeyepencil Black Eye Liner Pencil



    Lip Liner PencilLip Liner Pencil

    We will be manufacturing in-house a simple line of Eyeliner pencils (vegan), Lip liner pencils (vegan), Eye brow pencils (vegan) and Mascara (vegan).  It is all handmade on premise. This is going to be fun to make and use.  It is organic -  but it is not certified organic because in order to make such products 100%  organic it requires ingredient(s) that the USDA can certify. Since USDA can't certify specific ingredients found in nature, we will be looking into getting it at least 85% certified as are our soaps, but because of the chemistry it can never be 100% organic.

    So this is the reason why it will never be 100% certified organic - Any element that comes directly from the earth that is either mined, or a mineral from the earth, beeswax,  other natural waxes and even honey (honey produced in the USA- but other countries do certify their honey) can not be certified 100% organic as per the USDA government laws.  

    Why?  We have absolutely no idea and asking our certifying agent, they also have said there is no real explanation. You would think since it is natural from nature not man-made that these ingredients coming from nature are truly ORGANIC.  Isn't that what organic means – in its natural state from nature? Strange way of defining organic in the USDA. Regardless, all of the other ingredients in the products are USDA certified organic. 

    Speaking of certified organic, we are also in the process of offering with our own Just Skin Food label USDA certified organic skincare carrier oils and as well as essential oils.  Until we get the go ahead and have it certified it will not be offered online as of yet.

    With all this change we have also moved into a much larger space that is absolutely gorgeous and gianormus compared to our old site.  It's bittersweet  - love our little ol' place.  But it is time to let go and move on...  It is a fantastic place with lots of light and wonderful energy.  It is almost done and can't wait to make stuff in here.


    Here are some pictures of our moving in day(s).

    Room number 1 Room number 1IMG_2132 Room 1Room 2 Room 2Room 2 Room 2Room 2 Room 2Me attempting to put up a shelf in the bathroom. Me attempting to put up a shelf in the bathroom.Room 2 Room 2

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  • Visiting your local health market...

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    Here are four new additions that have recently joined our Just Skin Food’s family of healthy retailers that carry our products. All carry our sunscreen and many carry a selection of our other products. So if you are local to them or want products delivered to you from within your local area please visit these establishments.

    Healthy in The Park - California

    1-healthy in the park logo4.5Located in the foothills of the Yosemite Valley, California area, Healthy in The Park serves as a local store as well as an online retailer. Selling organic, eco-friendly and cruelty free products.  Healthy in The Park works one on one with a number of brands that in some way farm their own items or directly support the organic and wild crafted harvesting methods in order to help people feel better and live a more healthy lifestyle with the use of safer body and skin care items.

    Healthy in The Park aims to bring consumers only the best and most reputable products available in the eco-friendly and organic market. Body washes, lotions, salves, skin care lines, detoxes, cosmetics, pain relief and more are all available both in store and online. Mother owned and family operated, you can find out more about Healthy in The Park by visiting the location in person on Yosemite Springs Parkway or by visiting their website located at: www.healthyinthepark.com.

    Terra Health & Wellness Market - Missouri

    Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 6.58.11 PMTerra Health & Wellness Market is located in Independence, Missouri, operating a store location as well as an e-store.  They just recent opened on May 19, 2015. Created with the purpose to provide the local community with a health food store that provides healthy, organic and all natural food and product options to consumers, the store has flourished since its inception. On the store shelves or online you will find a variety of products that are free of artificial sweeteners, artificial dyes, artificial flavors, preservatives and more.

    Striving to help people eat better and live healthier, the Terra store understands how important it is to pay attention to what you consume as well as put onto your skin. Only the best quality vitamins, herbs and supplements are sold here along with one hundred percent organic produce, all natural deli meats, organic juices and smoothies, gluten free products and organic body products. Thanks to ethical and professional business practices, Terra Healthy & Wellness Market is likely to see a lot of success in the future while providing a healthy option for shoppers in person and online. The e-store, located at www.terrahealthmarket.com, will allow for shipments of non-perishable items to arrive right on your doorstep. North Carolina:

    Nutrients, Etc. - Asheville, North Carolina

    logoMany consumers are concerned with the quality and the purity of the supplements that they purchase and rightfully so. At Nutrients, Etc. each product has been chosen carefully and tested by physician James Biddle, MD and a trained and educated staff of employees. When you shop at this website you can shop confidently, knowing that you are getting only the best. Personal service along with affordable prices makes Nutrients, Etc. a great location for you to find products that will compliment your natural or holistic style of living and help you to heal your body.

    In addition to hand selected vitamins and nutritional supplements, Nutrients, Etc. also offers a variety of other products that will help you live a more healthy lifestyle. This includes air filters, water filters, body products, skincare products, books, audio products and video products. Prices are very affordable and competitively price. You can find out more by visiting the Nutrients, Etc. website which is located at www.nutrientsetc.com.

    Just the other day we received this from our friends over at Nutrients,Etc., they only received their first order on Saturday May 30th… They write

    Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 10.13.10 PM

    Liquid Karma Local Organics at Paramus Park Mall -New Jersey

    11219041_1426058887703245_1474266969862708464_nLocated at the Paramus Park Mall in Paramus, New Jersey, Liquid Karma offers a wide variety of locally made organic products in their unique and healthy-minded kiosk store. The motivation for this kiosk store opening was to give local vendors and businesses the opportunity to reach a wide variety of clientele in the Northern New Jersey area. Whether it be all natural or organic soap, salves, aromatherapy, cosmetics or other body products, Liquid Karma stands behind each of their vendors. Liquid Karma will be adding more kiosk stores in other malls as well.

    Living a more natural and organic way of life can help a person look better and healthier on the outside but more importantly, on the inside as well. At Liquid Karma you can view a wide selection of hand picked products that will benefit you and your family while you embark on a more healthy and nurturing life path. You can heal the body from the inside out and feel better about the products and companies that you are supporting in the New Jersey area. You can visit the Liquid Karma on instagram and facebook page for more information.

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  • Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus... We are Officially USDA Certified!

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    Woohoo!!! We have received our official certification, Just Skin Food is USDA certified.

    [caption id="attachment_1394" align="aligncenter" width="1275"]JustSkinFood cert 12.23.14-page-001 Official USDA Certification[/caption]

    Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday and New Year!!!


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  • Our USDA Inspection...

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    We have kept a tight lip since the end of October in our acceptance letter from our imagescertifying agent - Pennsylvania Certified Organic - we were approved for inspection.  Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.08.29 AMMight not seem as much but, it is a great relief that all of our paper work was approved for the final inspection. Their main objective is to verify all we have reported and are actually following the rules.

    Our inspection was yesterday December 9th, 2014 and we had such a wonderful experience with our USDA inspector.  Our inspection lasted 4.5 hours.  As some of you already know, it was so nerve racking to us to have such an official come through and go through all our stuff and verify all that is being reported.  Even though we knew all was correct, just having an intense 4.5 hours of paper trails and linking back to lot#'s and suppliers etc., it is very intense on the mind.  We are so glad that our organizational skills have really paid off in record keeping.

    Inspectors need to report back to the certifying agent as to our ability to comply with the USDA organic standard and as far as he can see and report we are in the clear.  Now it is up to the certifying agent PCO to accept his report and if they need other information from us.  And if all is satisfactory to PCO - our certifying agent - we will hear back very shortly about our seal.  It would be real nice to receive it before Christmas Day and a great present for sure.

    On a lighter note...

    IMG_5710Just Skin Food is now offering Gift Certificates online and if anyone is local in Cape May just ping us and you can pick up the Gift Certificates locally.

    Our first small business Saturday on Nov, 29th 2014 at Green Street Market went fantastic.  We had gift baskets and products for Sale and there were so many wonderful Artisan makers there as well.

    Green Street Market is also carrying our Gift Baskets during the Holidays, so stop by and check them out.


    As always, Be Well and as soon as we hear back from our USDA certifying agent we will display the seal on our website.

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