• B. Lime, Pregnancy Journeys and Homeopathy

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    So I am trying something new with guest blogging and thought why not! - it’s always nice to hear and write something from a different perspective…. Will try and have various guest bloggers throughout the year.

    When I asked my guest blogger if she wanted to share some insights into the products she has used and anything else she found helpful and to provide just a short couple of paragraphs, she sent me a 3 page memoir of her pregnancy journey, which I was so delighted to be the first to read! Of course I had to take a snap shot of it to be able to get it into a blog.

    But before starting, please meet Mary of B. Lime an online store that is now 303348_10150624828171917_179142210_acarrying our products as well.  B. Lime,  is an online Green Store in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois that carries eco-friendly products for baby, family, and home.

    Mary, who is the owner of B. Lime, was 7 months pregnant at the time, with a full-time job at the University, and wanted to purchase the B. Lime brand because the previous owner of B. Lime announced she was closing. Mary was so sadden for herself and for her community, she thought- why couldn’t a Green Store flourish in C-U?
  So she met with the previous owner and here she is owner of B. Lime.

     Check out B.Lime online store and all of its non-toxic baby products and as well for the whole family. And you can also read more about Mary’s journey as well.

    leaves-1280x800 copyMeet Arielle and David and hear about their journey …Arielle and David

    Please allow me to introduce myself…I am a pleasantly plump 37-year-old woman who recently lost 90lbs last summer. My husband is a fit 41-year-old male who works out 4 to 5 times a week and follows a high protein diet.

    To our amazement we had no difficulty conceiving. We have been blessed and are expecting a baby boy in May. My pregnancy has been relatively comfortable and uneventful in the sense of complications. It seems that consuming mainly organic food and a moderate vitamin intake has been very good to our bodies.

    When we announced our pregnancy I sought the advice of Gabriella Calvi-Rooney on homeopathic protocols for pregnancy and delivery. After consulting with Gabriella I began the monthly cell salt protocol for optimal fetal development and plan to continue it throughout breastfeeding. I believe the cell salts have played an integral part in the healthy development of my son and the relative ease of my pregnancy.

    I am starting my 37th week now and have had common symptoms of pregnancy, which have been easily remedied. One of the symptoms was sciatic nerve pain in the eighth month, which has occurred only twice, but on both occasions I took one dose of Ruta 30c and massaged Just Skin Foods Deep Pain Salve directly into the area of my right sciatic nerve. I must say that both instances my pain was intense and walking became very difficult. However, with both times it was gone within the hour.

    The other, much more intense symptom happened at 35 weeks when I got a very intense painful carpal tunnel cramp in my right arm. I was literally writhing in pain. Then I remembered the deep pain salve and that Gabriella had advised me to take Hypericum 30c for nerve pain in a tooth after a dental filling a couple of years ago. So I took a dose of Hypericum 30c with a dose of Arnica 30c and massaged the Deep Pain Salve into the nerve from wrist to elbow. I was beyond ecstatic when in a couple of minutes the nerve began to tingle, it went completely numb within 20 minutes and the pain has not returned… the remedies were so effective that I repainted a butcher block to re-purpose as a changing table two days later with no pain.

    In planning ahead I have gotten other products for future use like Just Skin Food’s sunblock that I will need for days outdoors here in sunny South Carolina. I love its’ completely nontoxic rating (EWG rating for sunscreen),  and will be happy to use it without any negative effect on sensitive skin.

     I can’t even begin to describe the peace of mind it brings me to know that with a healthy diet and exercise combined with cell salts, homeopathy and quality organic products like the ones from Just Skin Food I can care for my family without worrying about synthetic chemicals and their side effects.

    This is her journey but there are many other modalities that will help as well, such as Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Yoga and Massages.  All of these are non-invasive and are a great way of keeping healthy.  Don't forget to buy organic and better yet local organic.

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  • OH! My Aching.....

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    Who doesn’t feel pain once in a while, especially if you over strain or over use muscles, but when it is deep and long and no comfort in sight, it’s just not wanted!

    There are plenty of modalities and products that can help but I chose to use herbs and homeopathic tincture to use in my salve.  A more gentle and holistic approach.

    Here are just a few notes on one of the ingredients in Deep Pain Healing Salve

    Ruta Graveolnes is an excellent remedy for deep pain and soreness in the bones, joints, tendons, and cartilage.  The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece explains in detail Ruta's clinical power to overcome degenerative problems in the knees.

    It is also a good remedy for ankle sprains, soreness in the feet, achilles heel, and lower back pain.

    Ruta is also an excellent remedy after surgeries involving tendons, connective tissue, cartilage, joints, and coverings of the bones. It can easily promote recovery after surgery of knees, wrists, shoulders, elbows, ankles, hips, etc. It eases discomfort if deep stiffness is felt in joints and muscles after surgery

    Of course there is so much more to Ruta in homeopathy that it is impossible to write in a small post.  This is but a small insight into this remedy.

    I use Ruta Graveolnes both in the herb Rue and in the Homeopathic tincture of (Rue) Ruta Graveolnes in my Deep Pain Healing Salve.

    Included in my salve is Arnica, a very well known homeopathic remedy for bruised feeling and pain and Gota Kola, an herb excellent for stiffness.  These herbs are excellent for pain relief.  In combination, these herbs and remedies will help with many deep pain problems and stiffness.

    Other Useful Key Symptoms For Ruta Gravelones (Rue) is as follows:


    Bruised, lame sensation all over Periosteum (bone covering) bruised


    Deep aching, “dry socket"


    Tendons and ligaments,  sore feet and ankles, painful aching in heel, painful stiffness in wrists and hands, and shoulders.


    Worse at night while lying down, pain from back down to hips and thighs.


    Deep pains, thighs feel broken, and relieved by lying on back, by pressure. Weak, bruised feeling in low back.

    DEEP PAIN HEALING SALVE (VEGAN) Ingredients Gotu Kola•, Arnica, Rue, St. Johns Wort, Lavender, Infused Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado oil, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin E and Vitamin D.

    Description This deep penetrating salve is excellent for pain relief from deep muscle bruising, stiff joints, arthritis, and nerve damage. •It has been found that Gotu Kola helps decrease joint pain and skin hardening and improve finger movement caused by Scleroderma.  It also helps with pain from psoriasis. Please visit these establishments to test the salve.  More places will be added soon. Thank you! www.justskinfood.com Disclaimer: FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY! This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information provided is not intended to prescribe or be taken as medical advice. These products have not been tested by the FDA and are not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  • How Products Are Made

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    Many people have been asking us how exactly the products are made and if we make it all ourselves.

    So I guess we need to explain more about how the products are actually made…

    We make all the herbal infused oils, salves and balms by hand, using various infusing methods with a range of organic herbs, unrefined, steam-distilled and cold-pressed ingredients. 

    What does it mean to infuse the oils…the herbal infused oils are made on premise and take about 6 plus weeks to solar infuse. We do not buy the herbal oils  and then mix them to make an herbal infusion. Before and after the solar infusion we also use another method to intensify the process. This process is our own and it is an older method. This is where the most intense part takes place and it is much more labor intense.

    We also have a green house to help the infusion along and a place that they are stored in order to keep it cool after infusion. Once the infusion is made it is measured according to the percentage that is needed to make that specific therapeutic herbal salve.

    Depending on when the herbs have been picked, dried and stored and when the oils have been infused the color and scent can actually be different. Nature is incredible, and it is always different.  There will never be any 2 batches that will ever be the same.  But the healing power of each herb will still be as intense.

    Our products are made in small batches in order to pay attention to each step in the process and to keep the integrity and quality of the therapeutic infused herbal oil. Keeping the integrity of each batch also means each batch will be different in consistency and look. You might even have some residual herbs in a salve giving it even more intensity.

    We try to make our batches only twice a month during the full moon and the new moon and only if our supply is low.  The energy is much stronger and yet much gentler for the batches to really intensify.

    We do not keep lots of stock on hand.  Our products are made when needed simply because the salves and balms need to be as close to the date made for the intensity of the herbs.  And so there might be a wait for some salves if we are out of stock.

    All our salves and balms are dated at the time they were produced.

    So there is a lot of thought process and labor that goes into making a real therapeutic herbal salve and balm.

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