• Visiting your local health market...

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    Here are four new additions that have recently joined our Just Skin Food’s family of healthy retailers that carry our products. All carry our sunscreen and many carry a selection of our other products. So if you are local to them or want products delivered to you from within your local area please visit these establishments.

    Healthy in The Park - California

    1-healthy in the park logo4.5Located in the foothills of the Yosemite Valley, California area, Healthy in The Park serves as a local store as well as an online retailer. Selling organic, eco-friendly and cruelty free products.  Healthy in The Park works one on one with a number of brands that in some way farm their own items or directly support the organic and wild crafted harvesting methods in order to help people feel better and live a more healthy lifestyle with the use of safer body and skin care items.

    Healthy in The Park aims to bring consumers only the best and most reputable products available in the eco-friendly and organic market. Body washes, lotions, salves, skin care lines, detoxes, cosmetics, pain relief and more are all available both in store and online. Mother owned and family operated, you can find out more about Healthy in The Park by visiting the location in person on Yosemite Springs Parkway or by visiting their website located at: www.healthyinthepark.com.

    Terra Health & Wellness Market - Missouri

    Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 6.58.11 PMTerra Health & Wellness Market is located in Independence, Missouri, operating a store location as well as an e-store.  They just recent opened on May 19, 2015. Created with the purpose to provide the local community with a health food store that provides healthy, organic and all natural food and product options to consumers, the store has flourished since its inception. On the store shelves or online you will find a variety of products that are free of artificial sweeteners, artificial dyes, artificial flavors, preservatives and more.

    Striving to help people eat better and live healthier, the Terra store understands how important it is to pay attention to what you consume as well as put onto your skin. Only the best quality vitamins, herbs and supplements are sold here along with one hundred percent organic produce, all natural deli meats, organic juices and smoothies, gluten free products and organic body products. Thanks to ethical and professional business practices, Terra Healthy & Wellness Market is likely to see a lot of success in the future while providing a healthy option for shoppers in person and online. The e-store, located at www.terrahealthmarket.com, will allow for shipments of non-perishable items to arrive right on your doorstep. North Carolina:

    Nutrients, Etc. - Asheville, North Carolina

    logoMany consumers are concerned with the quality and the purity of the supplements that they purchase and rightfully so. At Nutrients, Etc. each product has been chosen carefully and tested by physician James Biddle, MD and a trained and educated staff of employees. When you shop at this website you can shop confidently, knowing that you are getting only the best. Personal service along with affordable prices makes Nutrients, Etc. a great location for you to find products that will compliment your natural or holistic style of living and help you to heal your body.

    In addition to hand selected vitamins and nutritional supplements, Nutrients, Etc. also offers a variety of other products that will help you live a more healthy lifestyle. This includes air filters, water filters, body products, skincare products, books, audio products and video products. Prices are very affordable and competitively price. You can find out more by visiting the Nutrients, Etc. website which is located at www.nutrientsetc.com.

    Just the other day we received this from our friends over at Nutrients,Etc., they only received their first order on Saturday May 30th… They write

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    Liquid Karma Local Organics at Paramus Park Mall -New Jersey

    11219041_1426058887703245_1474266969862708464_nLocated at the Paramus Park Mall in Paramus, New Jersey, Liquid Karma offers a wide variety of locally made organic products in their unique and healthy-minded kiosk store. The motivation for this kiosk store opening was to give local vendors and businesses the opportunity to reach a wide variety of clientele in the Northern New Jersey area. Whether it be all natural or organic soap, salves, aromatherapy, cosmetics or other body products, Liquid Karma stands behind each of their vendors. Liquid Karma will be adding more kiosk stores in other malls as well.

    Living a more natural and organic way of life can help a person look better and healthier on the outside but more importantly, on the inside as well. At Liquid Karma you can view a wide selection of hand picked products that will benefit you and your family while you embark on a more healthy and nurturing life path. You can heal the body from the inside out and feel better about the products and companies that you are supporting in the New Jersey area. You can visit the Liquid Karma on instagram and facebook page for more information.

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  • Usnea: A Powerful Herb - Anti-Fungal Salve

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    As herbalist Ryan Drum once said: Usnea is among our best herbal antibiotics against gram positive bacteria, particularly Streptococci and Staphylococci, both internally and externally.

    Usnea is tree-moss, a lichen, which is a symbiotic relationship between an algae and a 450px-Usnea_2_(2005_07_19)fungus. While usnea is certainly an herb, it’s not a plant! It grows on trees around the world. It especially likes pine, spruce, juniper, firs and hardwoods like oak, hickory, walnut, apple and pear. It prefers moist habitats.

    Usnea is useful for many applications such as, infections, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, sore throat, fungal infections, vaginal infections, sinus infections, colds/flu, mastitis, and boils.

    Looking at the above list of uses for usnea you might guess that this is one powerful herb, and it is!

    I use this powerful herb in my Anti-Fungal SalveNot just a pinch but as one of the main ingredient.  My salve was tested by Anti-FungalJim Stivaly* in Montclair, NJ, who practices biofeedback and other holistic modalities, and he indicated that it is one strong anti-fungal salve.

    Brief History on Usnea

    In Chinese Medicine several types of Usnea were used. The specific indications were for infections with signs of heat and dampness: redness, yellow pus, fast pulse, etc. Today Usnea is used for infections of all types even without indications of heat.

    Today Usnea is used as an antibacterial herb, an antiviral herb, and as an antifungal herb.

    • Usnea as an antibacterial herb

    Usnea is an anti-microbial herb, meaning that it effects a wide range of pathogens. It is not an antibiotic herb that kills all types of bacteria; it effects mainly gram positive bacteria.  It can effectively kill unwanted pathogens without totally disrupting healthy gut flora!

    • Usnea as an antiviral herb

    Herbalist Kiva Rose says it best  – The Usnea are their own delicate medicinal miracles. They have a special affinity for rebalancing bacteria and eradicating infection throughout the mucus membranes, from mouth to lungs to gut to urinary tract and on. This medicine is a special gift for those with signs of infection in the lungs and bronchial area, often indicated by yellow or green phlegm, chest pain, difficulty breathing and sometimes accompanied by a fever.

    • Usnea as an antifungal herb

    Usnea is effective at killing many types of fungal infections, including Candida species. It can be taken internally as well as used topically.

    Here are some examples of fungal infections that you may use usnea for: athlete’s foot, jock itch, dandruff, ringworm, vaginal infections, etc.

    •  Homeopathic Version of Usnea

    In HomeopathyUsnea Barbata (known as tree-moss) is a remedy used in some form of congestive headache; headache from sunstroke. Head - Bursting feeling, AS IF TEMPLES WOULD BURST, OR THE EYES BURST OUT OF THE SOCKETS. Throbbing carotids. It is one of those remedies that has a limited or specific use for these types of headaches.

    It is very interesting to see how the uses in herbology, chinese medicine and homeopathy can differ but have similar relationships.

    I can not personally speak for a painful fungal infection, never had one, but I can ascertain that from the various conditions Usnea is used for there must be a connection with a bursting throbbing headache, and throbbing in general in fungal infections.

    When I infuse Usnea in oil, it looks like tightly wound brains, that Usneaare throbbing.  I also infuse Usnea as a powder with the whole herb which makes it even stronger.

    This is what my Herbal Infused Usnea Oil looks like.

    Nature is bountiful, useful, and healing in all sorts of ways.

    Where to find my Antifungal Salve either Online or at some of these stores -

    PS: Strega Nonna's Vapo Rub and Winter Brew available in stores now and online.


    *JAMES STIVALY can be reached at 973-746-8007.  His website will be up and running soon and I will post it in my next blog.

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  • Seasonal Products

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    After sometime trying to get the right mix of ingredients to be used in my new "Green" packaging for the New Lotion Bar style, and also getting ready for Spring/Summer season, it is finally done.

    [caption id="attachment_1007" align="aligncenter" width="527"]Mosquito-b-Gone New formula with added ingredients to become a Lotion Bar. Poison Ivy Salve, Mosquito-b-Gone, Natural and Organic Sunscreen[/caption]

    Please note that the poison ivy salve will remain in a tin.


    IMG_3120The "Green" packaging is an Eco push-up tube paperboard.  These containers are crafted from 100% paperboard, which is a renewable, biodegradable and recyclable material. Each paper tube includes a snug fitting cap. The tubes have a free-moving paperboard disk at the tube's base that pushes upwards to dispense the product. And it features an oil-resistant barrier, making it ideal and great for carrying Lotion Bars.  You can just throw them into a bag and take along.  The snug fitting cap also has a disk so you can push down the Lotion Bar without ever touching the product.

    They are so COOL to handle and fun to use.  The labels are also waterproof which is great for summertime.

    Take a look at what they are and what ingredients they have... (I will send out a more in-depth description of each product's ingredients, benefits and features shortly).  They will be available soon in stores listed on my website.

    You can also order directly online at www.justskinfood.com.  Poison Ivy Salve is already available online, but both Lotion Bars will be available to order online in about a week.


    Poison Ivy Salve

    IMG_0259Three powerful herbs that have been proven to stop or prevent poison ivy. Once you use jewel weed you'll NEVER use anything else! So don't let the fear of Poison Ivy keep you out of Natures most beautiful places! The combination of these 3 herbs and essential oils will give you peace of mind that you will have relief if you come in contact with poison ivy, poison oak or sumac.

    Ingredients:  Organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil infused with jewel weed, sage, plantain. Essential oils of peppermint and lavender. Local beeswax and vitamin E.


    IMG_3126These lotion bars are even more effective at keeping bugs away than regular bug spray, probably because they actually coat the skin with a protective layer. They are easy to take along and the kids can apply it themselves.

    Instead of being filled with chemicals and toxins like conventional bug sprays, this lotion bar actually nourishes and moisturizes the skin while protecting it.

    Ingredients:  (New and Improved Formula) Organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil infused with peppermint, catnip mint, eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, lemon balm, rosemary, shea butter, neem oil, with a special blend of essential oils, candelilla wax and vitamin E.

    Natural and Organic Sunscreen -SPF30

    IMG_3125You can feel assured that you are using a sunscreen that is chemical free and safe for all.

    Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter. 35% natural non-nano zinc oxide, local beeswax, non-gmo vitamin E.

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  • Welcome Cape May Honey Farm and BroFit Barn

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    Thank you to the owners of Cape May Honey Farm and BroFit Barn.

    If you are in the Cape May area visit Cape May Honey Farm and if you find yourself in Upstate New York  at the Five Finger Lakes on Cayuga Lake please be sure to visit BroFit Barn, Aurora, NY.


    Cape May Honey Farm, located at 135 Sunset Blvd., West Cape May, New Jersey 08204, will carry only the following products with beeswax:

    (Products that are made with beeswax is now using Cape May Honey Farm beeswax as part of the ingredients). IMG_3084  IMG_3082IMG_3081         The tin packaging was designed to look like a flower so that a little honey bee would be pleased and want to land on the flower. 

    BroFit Barn located at,  2139 Scipio Venice Town Line Road, Aurora, New York 13026, is carrying the following as part of their Fitness and Health program:

    IMG_6240 The display was designed to resemble a working Barn with wonderful herbs for healing.

    [caption id="attachment_973" align="alignright" width="900"]Cayuga Lake, NY Cayuga Lake, NY[/caption]

    For the full line of Just Skin Food Products visit Green Street Market.  Or you can order online at www.justskinfood.com

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  • Homemade Organic Holiday Gift Giving!!!

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    It's the holiday season … so don’t forget to get some healthy stocking stuffers.

    With every purchase of our Just Skin Food salve you will get a free .5oz¹ surprise salve in your pouch².  A nice way to sample some of our other salves or give it to those that might need it.

     Coming Soon….New Products

    We will be sending out some very simple tips on maintaining healthy looking skin along with how some of our NEW PRODUCTS can help.

    It has been predicted that a cooler winter is imminent this year and with severe climate changes your skin can be negatively impacted.  Plus using harsh chemicals, petroleum products and perfumes can trigger sensitivities making it even more difficult to effectively care for the skin.

     An official announcement of our new products will be sent out shortly.

    ¹while supplies last
    ²participating store, Green Street Market

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