• The “Real Deal” on Organic Facial Oils...

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    "Whoa...what? Did she just actually say organic facial and oil in the same sentence in my presence?"

    For as long as I can remember, I was absolutely terrified of putting anything even remotely resembling an oil anywhere near my fickle, freckled face. I mean, let’s face it (no pun intended)...if you’ve been blessed with super sensitive skin like mine, just the thought of an oily product can send your face into a breakout of pubescent-like magnitude. So, when Just Skin Food came out with their line of certified organic facial oils, I was super skeptical of all the hype, and even more certain that I would never be a believer, yet alone, a consumer. No way...not me... not ever.

    Fast forward to last November...

    I was visiting Gabriella at her studio in Cape May and complaining about the very noticeable changes in my skin since turning the BIG 5-OH ... and, being the great friend and crafter of amazing products that she is, Gabby recommended that I try one of her certified organic facial oils.  My head immediately started spinning and almost popped off my shoulders; "Whoa...what? Did she just actually say organic facial and oil in the same sentence in my presence?" The mere mention of it had me rubbing at a spot on my chin where I could feel the beginning of a cluster of giant zits forming. Give me strength...

    You see, I have forever been a “moisturizer” girl. You name it, I’ve tried it...and for the most part, my skin APPEARED healthy, with an occasional breakout that I would ultimately blame on some environmental factor (or, more likely, the chocolate bar I inhaled on my last trip to the market.) I stuck with facial creams and lotions for 30+ years because I erroneously believed that oils clog pores and cause acne (which some do, and we will discuss at a later date.) But, even as I stood in the parking lot of Just Skin Food with my new certified organic facial oil sample in hand, I was still not sold on it and not even sure this new “fad” would safely make the drive home with me to obtain a coveted spot on my product shelf.

    Fast forward a bit again ...

    I suppose when you’re sick and tired enough of feeling sick and tired, you are willing to try anything. That’s how I came to finally (with great trepidation, and nothing on my social calendar that week) give certified organic facial oils a shot. It was scary for me, but creams and lotions were no longer working to moisturize my skin. Needless to say, I am now hooked. My skin never once felt greasy. It never broke out or protested the change in any way. In fact, within a few days, I saw a marked difference in my overall skin tone and complexion, and felt a tremendous improvement in my skin’s hydration. More so, I wasn’t the only one to notice, as several friends even commented on how well my skin was looking!

    Why am I telling you this, you ask?

    Consider it a good deed, my mitzvah, me paying it forward to all of you who are still non-believers. I would have never tried certified organic facial oils if Gabby hadn’t talked me off the ledge about them... and it took a full half century for my face to receive the love it has always deserved. Take a walk on the wild side and give your face the love it deserves right now. You wont regret it. Promise.

    Oh, yeah, keep it simple, only one certified organic facial oil at a time. No need of combination oils, they are sometimes called facial serum or skin oils. What you really want is the benefit of just one certified  organic oil at a time.  Less is more when it comes to skin.  More on each certified organic facial oil later. 

     Namaste,   Lisa :D














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