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    After sometime trying to get the right mix of ingredients to be used in my new "Green" packaging for the New Lotion Bar style, and also getting ready for Spring/Summer season, it is finally done.

    [caption id="attachment_1007" align="aligncenter" width="527"]Mosquito-b-Gone New formula with added ingredients to become a Lotion Bar. Poison Ivy Salve, Mosquito-b-Gone, Natural and Organic Sunscreen[/caption]

    Please note that the poison ivy salve will remain in a tin.


    IMG_3120The "Green" packaging is an Eco push-up tube paperboard.  These containers are crafted from 100% paperboard, which is a renewable, biodegradable and recyclable material. Each paper tube includes a snug fitting cap. The tubes have a free-moving paperboard disk at the tube's base that pushes upwards to dispense the product. And it features an oil-resistant barrier, making it ideal and great for carrying Lotion Bars.  You can just throw them into a bag and take along.  The snug fitting cap also has a disk so you can push down the Lotion Bar without ever touching the product.

    They are so COOL to handle and fun to use.  The labels are also waterproof which is great for summertime.

    Take a look at what they are and what ingredients they have... (I will send out a more in-depth description of each product's ingredients, benefits and features shortly).  They will be available soon in stores listed on my website.

    You can also order directly online at www.justskinfood.com.  Poison Ivy Salve is already available online, but both Lotion Bars will be available to order online in about a week.


    Poison Ivy Salve

    IMG_0259Three powerful herbs that have been proven to stop or prevent poison ivy. Once you use jewel weed you'll NEVER use anything else! So don't let the fear of Poison Ivy keep you out of Natures most beautiful places! The combination of these 3 herbs and essential oils will give you peace of mind that you will have relief if you come in contact with poison ivy, poison oak or sumac.

    Ingredients:  Organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil infused with jewel weed, sage, plantain. Essential oils of peppermint and lavender. Local beeswax and vitamin E.


    IMG_3126These lotion bars are even more effective at keeping bugs away than regular bug spray, probably because they actually coat the skin with a protective layer. They are easy to take along and the kids can apply it themselves.

    Instead of being filled with chemicals and toxins like conventional bug sprays, this lotion bar actually nourishes and moisturizes the skin while protecting it.

    Ingredients:  (New and Improved Formula) Organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil infused with peppermint, catnip mint, eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, lemon balm, rosemary, shea butter, neem oil, with a special blend of essential oils, candelilla wax and vitamin E.

    Natural and Organic Sunscreen -SPF30

    IMG_3125You can feel assured that you are using a sunscreen that is chemical free and safe for all.

    Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter. 35% natural non-nano zinc oxide, local beeswax, non-gmo vitamin E.

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