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Well, before we get to "Tip 2" just wanted to share some NEWS.


As some already know I was given the Greenpeople Seal of Approval,

and have partnered with Carbonfund.org.CF Partner 2013 Final They area still updating my information in their partner program so check often on their site for my story. But check them out, they do great work for our environment.

Plus, I am in the process of going for my USDA organic certificate.  The process of USDA certificate is a long road of about 3 or 4 months of paper trails, record keeping, more paper trails, more record keeping and flow chart diagrams and so on.  So glad I have lots of experience in paper pushing industry before computers did the work. Then of course transfer everything into computer data.... So glad for college students needing some extra work helping me with this paper and computer recording.

Oh yes I forgot, have been also working with a website designer and developer to create a new website with an online store that will include many other interesting things.  And of course new product ideas, which include more gender specific for women and my own formula combination Bach Flower Remedies for all.  Last, for our furry loveable pets putting together some organic and natural products as well.thumbnail

And I hope all of this good stuff will soon be done and ready to share. But as the saying goes "slow and steady wins the race" or in this case slow and steady gets all the stuff done correctly and precise.


Winter  is well on its way here and as I am writing its also snowing in Cape May - beautiful!

Winter air often lacks moisture, unless it is snowing like today, which can cause skin to become dry and sensitive.  Slathering lotion on at every turn might NOT be the most effective solutions. Like other skin conditions including eczema and wrinkles, dry skin is often best treated from the inside out.

You can find numerous remedies for dry skin right in your kitchen. Drink plenty of water everyday, eat fruits and vegetables that are packed with water, such as apples, grapes, celery and cucumbers. Bell peppers and citrus fruits are excellent sources of vitamin C.  Vitamin C is crucial in maintaining collagen within the skin—keeping it both firm and supple. But remember make sure all your fruits and veggies are organic, otherwise you are eating more chemicals.

Plus, these foods can help curb hunger and boost your water intake, to keep you healthy and hydrated all day. Aim to drink 48 ounces of water each and every day for the best health benefits.

In addition to these foods, which are also some foods you can eat for a more attractive look, certain bath tips are useful in fighting dry skin.

Add some oatmeal to your bath water to soothe itchy and irritated winter skin.  And if slathering creams is something you must do make sure you are applying organic and natural body creams, herbal skin salves and carrier oils. Chances are it will be less likely to irritate already dry skin than those with strong perfumes and chemicals.

Find these products at Green Street Market.

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