Whipped Fluffy Sweet Orange Cream

Just Skin Food


Available Fall & Winter ONLY

Sweet Orange Cream pampers your skin leaving it feeling smooth, soft and super moisturized.

Can be used on oily and acne prone skin thanks to the cleansing and toning properties of orange peel oil.

Great for teen skin or anyone that is looking to hydrate while balancing oily or combination skin.

Orange Butter is derived from Orange Peel oil and Orange Peel Wax, specifically from the Florida area, and is obtained by cold pressing of Orange Peel.

The natural oil contains Limonene, which is a very effective free radical scavenger. Orange Peel Oil has a cleansing and toning effect on skin that can improve oily skin and acne problems. The clean and refreshing scent of Orange Butter not only smells fragrant, it gives an uplifting feeling.

Also contained in Orange Butter is Orange Peel Wax which contains a high level of Bioflavonoids (polyphenols). Bioflavonoids have anti-cellulite, anti-inflammatory, and many other protective benefits for skin.

Apply a small amount after showering on body. Your skin is hydrated and the oils help to lock in the moisture. Your skin will feel silky and smooth. Can also be used on face, place small amount between hands and rub and gently pat on face.

OG Orange butter, OG olive butter, OG raw cocoa butter, OG sweet almond oil, OG corn starch or arrowroot, OG sweet orange essential oil, non-gmo vitamin E.


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