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On Aug 16, 2016, at 12:36 PM, wrote:

first name:          Wim
last name:           Kolk
comments:            Love your product!

Been using the sunscreen very successfully. 

I would like to order 4 of the 1 oz sunscreens and when I put anything more than 1 in the cart it says "Requested quantity not available for Natural and Organic Sunscreen at this time."

My wife and I are guides in Yellowstone National park, and we rely on your product to protect us at 7,000-10,000 feet and would need to purchase more than a single tube.

Can you advise me when I might be able to place my order for 4 of the 1 oz tubes?  If you feel it best, let me know and I'll try to order from one of your recommended "Where to Buy" sites.

--Wim & Darla

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On Apr 15, 2015, at 9:55 AM, wrote:


first name: Jessica

last name: Moore

email: XXXXXXX

comments: I recently ordered a couple sticks of your natural sunscreen and just wanted to tell you how much I love it.

I'm very fair, reddish hair, green eyes and burn easily. I had a scare with skin cancer recently, and it caused me to do more research on why the typical brands of sunscreen we are used to are so unhealthy.

Thank you for making a natural, organic sunscreen with no harmful chemicals! Since it's so nourishing, I've actually replaced my moisturizer completely and just use your sunscreen on my face. Love it! company:

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From: Diane D.S.

Jul 20th,2014

Hi!! Just wanted you to know that i had a few injuries this month and ur baby soft soothing balm has been an amazing help in getting my skin back to health:)

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Subject: note from Norah, Susan McGrail’s friend from NY

Date: September 24, 2012 7:05:20 PM EDT


Hi Gabriella:

I don’t know if you remember meeting briefly at Matt’s wake, but Susan and I have been the closest of friends since since 2nd grade.

She was telling me about what you do and your studies and she sent me your deep pain healing salve, knowing I tend to have a lot of aches and pains. I have had Lupus for more than twenty years. My main manifestation is neurological and micro vascular.

But this year I started having a lot of skin problems. I have the hallmark “Lupus butterfly shaped rash” now, on and off for months. That’s how Lupus (which means wolf) got its name. The rash looked like the bite of the wolf,(supposedly). Also, Lupus has “discoid lesions”, raised, scaley dime sized lesions. I have had one on my eyelid and one below my eye that swell up and close my eye to a slit about once a month. I even get them in my nose. They have been there for months and they are so painful. I can’t even use hypoallergenic moisturizer or anything. The doctors just throw more prednisone at it.

Well, I have been using your skin food for several days and they are almost gone! I saw a difference after the first application. And the pain was soothed. Your product is so gentle and my skin is almost clear for the first time in months. The discoids leave scars and I have no scars!

In the past, I would never take the garbage out without makeup on, and I haven’t worn any in months. Of course being healthy and pain-free comes first, but a little concealer and mascara would sure cheer me up! I feel hopeful and I want to thank you. If you would ever like me to write a disclaimer for your website or product line I would be so happy to.

Thank you very much for the first hope and relief I have had in ages.


Norah Downey

Norah Downey, Your Daily Jewels

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Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 10:29 AM Wed, 10:29 AM

Message starred from Christine Meehan to you


I visited Green Street Market and found a beautiful display of salves. This eye appealing display, held my interest as I enjoyed reading about the many locally homemade products.

After reading about them all, I purchased several. One for my brother’s back pain, (Joint Relief Salve) the other for a friend’s psoriasis, (Psoriasis and Eczema Salve) the other for my husband’s splinters (Ouchy Grouchy) and one more for my fun summer night concerts with the mosquito (mosquito B- gone).

Each of these products did what is said it would do, and everyone was impressed! We are still using them today and will continue as needed.

Kind regards,

Christine Meehan
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On Aug 24, 2012, at 4:36 PM, RAUL RO wrote:

Hi Gabriella,

The other day Esther had a flare-up in some varicose veins; she applied your cream (Vein Relief Salve)

and she got much better in a short time.

I told Joe about it, and since he and I may not meet again very soon,

let’s arrange to mail us two orders of that wonderful cream.

We will pay for the shipping also, of course.

Mille grazie, and continue your wonderful work with the skin food!

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From: Lor4262

Subject: psoriasis

Date: June 27, 2012 12:03:02 AM EDT


I have been using your healing salve(vegan) I am a friend of Fran also know as

EFie also known as Kim’s MOM

They introduced me to your Psoriasis salve. I really like it. It helped me a great deal now that the warmer weather is here it has improved because of the warm weather,

None of the ointments I was prescribed by my doctor could compare to your product.

I keep your salve in my pocketbook in case it flares up. I am on a lot of heart medicines so I was not allowed to take any oral medicine. For now it is ok. I have to be careful because in the warm weather the salve will melt.


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