Baby Soft Soothing Balm (vegan) - Certified Organic

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A great hydration balm for everyone.

So gentle it can be used on babies' tender skin for protection from diaper rashes.

A great soothing and softening balm for gardeners, mechanics and anyone who does manual labor.

Use after washing you hands or even on face.


An excellent balm for sunburns, chapped hands, lips and any kind of dry skin.

Our balm has two of the kindest herbs, Chamomile and Calendula. These two herbs were born to be friends. They are cheerful and vibrant.

Chamomile and Calendula are always on hand to heal, soothe and balance a myriad of ailments. They are our skin's best friend and are particularly beneficial for soothing sore, dry and irritated skins due to their calming, anti-inflammatory properties.

They help with sunburns and any kind of skin dryness. Despite being powerful healers they are gentle enough for young children.

So with a combination of coconut oil and these two incredible herbs, baby soft soothing balm gives you all the benefits wrapped up in one.

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Apply the product as often as needed on a clean surface with clean hands so as to avoid contaminating the container.

*Extra virgin Olive Oil infused with *Calendula Flower, *Extra virgin Olive Oil infused with *Chamomile Flower, *Raw unrefined Coconut Oil, *Carnauba Wax, non-GMO vitamin E.

(*=certified organic)

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