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Argan oil is a natural solution to defend against premature aging and UV exposure. Effective against aging and cell degeneration, as well as dryness, skin inflammation, acne and scars.

Excellent for face, hair, body & nails, stretch marks, pregnancy skin, infant skin, etc.

Studies show reduction in wrinkles, better skin elasticity, and scar reduction.

This depends on where you want to add the emphasis. If you want to use it on your hair, you can do so after you've shampooed. However, you can also use it as a pre-shower treatment and apply it half an hour before you go in the bath.

Face: When you want to moisturize your face, you can apply an amount of argan seed oil after cleansing and allow it enough time to absorb. You can use it on your neck and under your eyes as it's going to get rid of dark spots.

Body: You want to massage the oil all over your body and let it sit until it is completely absorbed. It's advisable to be used in the morning or in the evening.

100% Organic Argan kernel seed oil (organic Argania spinosa)

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