Premium Rugged Beard Oil (certified organic)

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Any bearded men out there?

We are not promising that our Beard Oil will make you look like male model Ben Dahlhauso, but it will definitely make your beard soft and tamed.

Don't forget, if using as a pre-shave oil make sure to use our herbal soap to enhance a soft skin shave.

For sensitive skin use as an after shave oil. It will nourish and soothe your skin.

BEARD OIL: Apply a small amount in palm and massage into skin and beard. Use daily for best results.

PRE-SHAVE OIL: Apply a few drops to skin before shaving soap and shave as usual.

AFTERSHAVE OIL: Use a few drops to soothe sensitive or irritated skin after shaving.

USDA Certified organic aloe vera leaf infused in *organic virgin olive oil, *argan oil, *jojoba oil, *grapeseed oil, *hemp seed oil, , vitamin E (* = certified organic)

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